i2i Engineering

The i2i Engineering team has a wide range of collective experience, brought together it enables us to solve any manufacturing challenge presented. Specializing in elegant solutions to simple and complex problems the i2i team assesses each project from the ground up, analyzing daily operations and providing solutions catered to your best interests and bottom line. From custom automation to the proprietary design of our IRIS robotic work cell the i2i team is uniquely equipped to handle every challenge. Our success is based on ensuring your success, and our team is dedicated to providing top quality solutions to help you take your business to the next level.


i2i Enginnering is a subsidiary of IPSUMM Inc., who is uniquely positioned as an integrator of automation industry innovations. Bringing together thought-leaders and visionaries IPSUMM devotes unparalleled effort to meeting the needs of each and every challenge presented. Ranging from simple engineering to robotics, we are built around the concept of turning any idea into a reality. Our personnel come from diverse industries and bring years of business and engineering expertise to ensure practical, logical, and cost effective solutions are found to your projects.

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